Lyckas Med Mat

Lyckas Med Mat
Lyckas med mat

onsdag 28 augusti 2013


So... It has been a while, but I have not quit baking (I just don't have enough hours in one day ;))

KlaraForm had some nonpareil sprinkles that she did not have the time to use, so on their Facebook page they gave some away - I was fortunate enough to get black nonpareils :) My plans were to use them around macaroons - but I failed miserably this time, so I had to change my mind :)

So I mixed them with silver sprinkles and used them on top of the cupcakes... My son turned 6 and he had a Ninjago cake (pics and recipe later) and One bowl chocolate cupcakes with marshmallow filling and vanilla buttercream frosting... There is also a picture of the Ninjago macaroon that failed...